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[powr-multi-slider id=0f2d18ca_1492087988] Stencilize geometric animal art prints make a great addition to a room. Bring a bit of the wild indoors with these easy to frame animal graphis. The designs are modern and contemporary, with an edge.  The colors can be customized to suit your interior styling and color scheme. All artwork is printed to order so if you would like a different color combination, just drop me a message during checkout... easy peasy! The newest addition to the stencilize print collection are a range of bright, bold and colorful paint splats. These prints are really fun, had a great...

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My designs pop up the the strangest of places, sometimes I know how they get there, other times it is totally random, it's great. I still get such a buzz from seeing my designs in the media.  I had a few people send me the link to the Republic of Telly sketch by Foil, Arms and Hog.. Cool sketch, funny guys!!      Another random place Stencilize popped up was on this video i came across while in a Youtube hole. it is a guy in an Amsterdam Train station, It's kinda mesmerizing! He really works the silver and black...

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As the name Stencilize suggests (well a little more than suggests) the brand started life as a series of stencils. It was still very early days, I had been stenciling for about 3 months and had gotten pretty good, pretty quickly. I had taken a break from Interior Architecture and money was beginning to seriously dwindle. I knew that I had to make a decision, get back freelancing or bite the bullet and figure out how I could make this thing work. Whatever this thing was!! To become a thing, it needed a name. The name 'Stencilize' was decided upon...

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In the beginning there were lines. Many, many lines. Working in an Architects office, there generally are. I haven't always been a stencil artist or a clothing designer, a jewellery designer, a person with more knowledge of internet things than anyone I know,  even a business owner. Those are relatively new addition to my days. A series of events got me to where I am now: a recession, a family thing, an upheaval of a pretty secure life. It wasn't by any means a boring life. It was the kind of life that had everything gone according to plan, I would have been...

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