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Stencilize, The Origins

In the beginning there were lines. Many, many lines. Working in an Architects office, there generally are.

I haven't always been a stencil artist or a clothing designer, a jewellery designer, a person with more knowledge of internet things than anyone I know,  even a business owner. Those are relatively new addition to my days.

A series of events got me to where I am now: a recession, a family thing, an upheaval of a pretty secure life. It wasn't by any means a boring life. It was the kind of life that had everything gone according to plan, I would have been totally content. Probably buying a house, weekends away, annual snowboarding holidays,  partner in an Architectural firm on the cards. Life doesn't always go to plan.

I soldiered on with the architectural work but you really don't get many juicy design job during a recession. On particular grueling project I had had enough. I wanted to get creative again. 

What the hell now!? There I was.. everything I had worked for and studied seemingly gone. What the hell was I going to do with all these lines in my head, I had gotten pretty good at drawing the really straight lines!! 

A sunny afternoon hanging out with my niece, we decided to make some stencils. And there it began, down the rabbit hole. 

It's been a ride so far, a wonderful, crazy, terrifying, fascinating rollercoaster. Never knowing exactly what is around the next bend, closing your eyes, jumping in with both feet. The joys of having a entrepreneurial spirit.