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Stencilize Reflective Streetwear

Irish clothing and design brand 'Stencilize' is proud to announce the release of its exciting new line of reflective children and adult leisurewear. The collection is a hybrid of Hi Viz safetywear and streetwear. Designed to be worn as part of your everyday wardrobe, clothing in the collection has the added benefit of making the wearer more visible with reflective print and fluorescent colors.

Hoodies, sweaters and jackets are perfect for outdoor evening and morning activities but can also be worn to the store, on the school run or to meet friends. “We want to take everyday cycling and running safety out of the realms of utility wear and add a bit of fun and street style.' The great thing about the sweaters and t-shirts is they look just like regular print until a direct light beam, like a car light, shines on them. The light is reflected back in the direction it came via thousands of tiny reflective glass beads making the wearer visible to approaching traffic” said Hanrahan.

reflective sportswear by stencilize

High Visibility clothing generally falls into two categories, at one end of the scale you have high performance / high cost active wear and on the other end of the scale or you have basic, reflective Hi Viz construction vests, cheap and effective but not the most fashionable item of clothing to wear. There is very little in the middle, particularly for the kids, that are both stylish and practical. With over 15 designs to choose from, featuring geometric birds fish and animals, there is something for all tastes. The clothing is fresh and playful while prioritizing safety while out and about.

Childrens safety sweaters by stencilize

“We are particularly excited by our kids safety collection. There is currently very little available for children in terms of alternative safetywear. With our range kids can choose their preferred colour and reflective animal print, making safety a more enjoyable experience than a chore.“ Parents are well aware of the resistance from most children to wearing safety wear and Stencilize aim is to make their job a little bit easier. “The reaction from children is incredible. The simplicity of the animal designs appeal to a very wide range of people and age groups. Children in particular have the strongest reaction, which is great because kids are generally the hardest to please” said Aoife Hanrahan of Stencilize.

Products comes in two colour options: fluorescent yellow with reflective print for ultimate visibility and a black option with reflective print as part of your everyday wardrobe. Fluorescent colours increase a person’s visibility in low light such as mornings and evenings, while the reflective print increases visibility at nighttime.

Each item of Stencilize active clothing has at least 5 areas of reflective vinyl. One on each arm, a reflective strip and Stencilize logo on the back and the main graphic: the geometric Stencilize animal of your choice on the chest. The soft shell jackets are reversed with the animal print on the back of the jacket, the logo on the front chest. Jackets are lightweight, wind and water resistant, available in either black or yellow and have the extra feature of reflective piping. The range also includes reflective hats, gloves and socks, perfect gifts for the city commuter or active kids.


About Stencilize Stencilize is the work of designer Aoife Hanrahan. Hanrahan worked as an Interior Architect in Dublin for many years. Stencilize products are produced in-house, printed by hand to order. Pieces are unusual, fun and affordable making great gifts that can be enjoyed all year round. The gender neutral style appeals to both men and women of a wide age group. Designs predominantly depict geometric animal graphics and have an edgy urban feel to them. The unique style originated from the geometric stencil art Hanrahan began creating a number of years ago and is based on simple clean origami forms. Her work draws on skills and tools acquired while working in architecture. The brand has gone from strength to strength, with an ever evolving range of products and designs.

The Stencilize collection currently includes adult and children's clothing, art prints, jewellery, bags & ceramics and has now expanded into the realm of athleisure wear.


Reflective High Viz Fashion Streetwear by Stencilize


Reflective High Viz Fashion Streetwear by Stencilize
Reflective High Viz Fashion Streetwear by Stencilize
reflective kidswear by stencilize reflective kidswear by stencilizeReflective High Viz Fashion Streetwear by Stencilize

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