New Family Sets of Sweaters

Matching Family Jumpers

We all have those photos from our childhood - us wearing horrendous matching outfits to our siblings. I'm sure we thought were the height of style at the time with our mustard and brown jumpers. They are great to look back and laugh at, but laugh NO MORE, Stencilize family jumpers are here!!

Stencilize Mama Papa and baby bear set of sweaters

Don't get me wrong, in the distant future, you may well look back of photos in your matching Stencilize jumpers and hang your heads in shame (doubtful) but at least for the time being you will look somewhat cool. 

Since becoming a Mom, I am really appreciating having the power to dress my kid in whatever I want and snap photos of him, some days it's a dinosaur others, a  sailor type outfit or maybe a baby bear,  he can't talk yet so I'm gonna make the most of this precious time until he becomes a bit more self aware and learns the word 'No'

There is something sweet and fun about matching outfits. They definitely make for a great photo opp.  Hopefully these sweaters aren't 'joke' sweaters and you will actually get quite a bit of wear from them. 

The sweater sets are available as

1. Set of two - Mama or Papa & Kiddo sweaters

2. Set of three - Mama & Papa & Kiddo

3. Set of three - Mama & Papa & Baby

4. Set of four - Mama & Papa & Kiddo & Baby

Because I make all the sweaters to order, it gives you the ultimate control over how they will look. You can choose the sweater color, just black and grey at the moment. You can choose the print color and the animal print so the likelihood of running into another family wearing the exact same outfit is pretty slim. I have also added the option of adding your own text, cool, huh!? 

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