Stencilize at ForestFest Emo 2022

Stencilize Festival Seating and Art Installation for Forestfest Music Festival

I was approached by the Portarlington Art collective, PortArt to be part of their creative Village in a brand new music called Forestfest 2022. The brief was short and sweet. Create a fun installation area where peole can come to relax. 

 Forestfest Site Visit

I had been considering creating larger pieces since my installation work for Kildare Village. this was the perfect opportunity to bring my ideas to life. I wanted to make the installation as interactive as possible, I love the idea of art that can be touched, played with, become part of its surroundings and bring joy and wonder for all ages.

I felt my geometric Irish animal and bird designs could translate really well with some adjustments. The designs would have to both work with its surroundings and stand out from their surroundings.


 A festival is a visually busy space so i decided to go for bold, bright and fun colours. The geometric detail would be added by hand once the overall shape and color was finished.

I set to work cutting the stencils, applying them to the 18mm plywood boards. Each piece was cut by hand using a jigsaw, a time consuming but really rewarding process seeing the designs emerge from a blank sheet of plywood. These were big guys, 4 designs over half a sheet of ply each and the fox design almost filled a sheet. When I saw the delivery guy carry two at a time into the yard like he was carrying in the post, I figured one would be a breeze! pfftt.. We got there. ;)

Once cut, filled, sanded and primed I got to my favourite part.. spray-painting.  The animals really come to life with some colour. Once sprayed, the geometric details were next.


Bird installation art by Stencilize  Stencilize Kingfisher art installation

I hadn't hand lined animal on this scale before, after a shaky few lines I got back into my stride, cool calming music and steady breath.  Lovely long lines to define the geometric animal and bird shapes, giving a sense of depth and a sprinkling of character.    

Animal installation art by Irish Artist Stencilize


 Next to create the pallet seating. I love the idea of using discarded items and giving them a new lease of life. Pallets were a perfect, designed to be sturdy, take weight and basically take a beating. All sanded and sprayed to match their enthroned animals. The plan was coming together.


 I am always open to new and exciting projects and commissions. 

Please feel free to drop me a message with your project on my contact page. 

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