About us

Stencilize is the work of Interior Architect, turned stencil artist Aoife Hanrahan. Based just outside Dublin, Ireland, Stencilize is a lifestyle brand with an urban edge.

Stencilize began with some cans of spray paint, an aunt and niece who wanted to get up to some mischief and create something fun, doing so, I discovered a whole new world. I began incorporating tools I used in architecture, taking influence from the simple clean lines of origami art, reducing the designs down to a bare minimum, leaving just  enough to let the subject show through. 

As a animal lover, I figured what better future to carve than incorporate my passions for fashion, design and animals. I create designs that make me smile, hopefully they will make you smile too.

Stencil art turned into art prints, followed closely by t-shirt and mug printing. I love finding new products to print my designs onto.







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