Hi and welcome to Stencilize.

If you aren't familiar with my brand here is a good place to start. I will do my best to give you a brief description of what it is all about, why items are priced the way they are priced, why I charge what i do for shipping, my brand ethos, how and what sizes to order. 

Who/ what is Stencilize

Before you go thinking Stencilize is a big faceless brand, I'll let you in on a little secret.. It is a one woman operation.  I'm Aoife, the owner, designer, maker, packer. With lockdown in Ireland, I am operating from my spare bedroom. I am also a single mama to one fabulous little 3 year old called Cian. If you follow me on Instagram, you will be familiar with his little face :)

I am an Interior Architect with many, many other interests. Stencilize is my main focus these days.

I started Stencilize about 4-5 years ago. All my designs are original, most started life a stencil art. After a few setbacks.. ( fire where I lost everything, figuring out life as a single working mother to name just a couple) We are back on track now and building my ever expanding brand.

What Happens When You Order

I do a little dance, I process orders at night, add your order to the order sheet,  I check my stock, take out and label your item, cut the vinyl and leave it to print the following day. 

I may not have the item in stock if it has been a particularly busy few days. I do aim to keep a few of each item in stock, but sometimes I will get multiple orders of an non standard item. 

Because of space restrictions I can't keep hundreds of items in stock. 

Brexit has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works, what was next day delivery on my goods now takes about 5 days. I am trying to get on top of this but like every other company in Ireland, it is causing some issues. 

 How long is processing/shipping

I do my best to get all items in 1-3 working days, Not including Sat and Sundays- I try take for family time, this is new to me, before my boy I would work every hour of the week. But some things are just more important than work. 


Shipping is still a bit of a minefield

Irish orders generally take one to 2 days from dispatch. i use An Post.. I love them. Very efficient. The nicest staff in the world. But not without their downfalls. 

UK orders, please allow 5-7 days. Again, Brexit has affected delivery times. I try prioritize UK deliveries to counteract the custom checks and speed up the overall shipping times.

Mainland Europe, United States & Canada

At the moment, due to Covid, there are very few international flights to transport post, this causes all sorts of delays and redirects. The standard 5-10 days can stretch to 10-15 days. There is really nothing we can do about this. If you would like to contact me for international courier services please do. It is expensive! but i am happy to get a quote for you. 


All sizes are available on request. I only keep XS-XL in stock at the moment due to space restrictions. Once my brand grows a little and I can afford a bigger unit I will of course cater to all sizes. Please allow additional 5 days for non standard sizes.

Brand Ethos coming soon... I need to get this just right ;)