Cool Reflective Hi Viz Neon Streetwear by stencilize



Reflective Streetwear

Stencilize is delighted to announce their newest line of clothing: High Visibility Streetwear. Yes, our geometric animal designs are going Reflective . We have been secretly working away developing an entire new product line especially for you for those dark evenings and dreary mornings.  

Cool Neon Reflective Streetwear



With an emphasis on safety on the roads while not sacrificing on style and fun, our sport range will contain a full range of items from hoodies, softshell jackets leggings and accessories.  All our animal and bird designs will be available in highly reflective print.

Sweaters,Hoodies and Jackets will be available in either NEON YELLOW or BLACK, hand printed with ReFlex reflective vinyl.

Kids High Viz Reflective Neon Yellow Safety Wear by Stencilize


We will also be launching a range of Childrens Hi Viz Clothing. We are particularly excited about this,  Trying to get the kids to wear high viz clothing can be trying at the best of times. Our cool kids safetywear should make your job a bit easier. Give the kiddos something they are actually proud to wear. 



cool hi viz dog coat

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about our furry friends, plans are also afoot to make sure the dogs are kept safe on the mean streets too with our neon reflective dog coats. Cool huh!? 


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Please feel free to share news far and wide with any joggers,  sporty folk, cyclists, skateboarders, parents, doggy parents, etc..  if you think they might be interested! Thanks x